No refunded wrong carrier/wrong model/unlocked imei

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Service accept order in 9:00 pm - 0:00 china time


If you miss time.need wait next day

All info copy from apple system.

No refund not same with your phone.

No verify  not same with your phone.

Maybe you order 1 imei but wrong.

Maybe you order 100 imei only 1 imei wrong.

All no refund.we tesed 3%-10% wrong rate.

If you order ,mean you know rules

359228066920772 udid: 8d1661c2032509f2e701e07a6766cd07bbddce77

PodLast NameDSIDEmail AddressCity/State/ZipCountry

View DS account for Vitaliy SerkovView account for

Vitaliy Serkov33Vitaliy1277907451

sales.heXXs@gmail.comNy, null 143000

RUS1 (495) 5XX6687

How bulk order?

imei order to web imei list

udid note write your username

then bulk mail imei + udid to us

When we accept order will fix udid

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