No refunded wrong carrier/wrong model/unlocked imei

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Service accept order in 9:00 pm china time

All info copy from apple system.

1.if you got wrong info from anywhere.dont send to us again no refund

2.wrong udid no refund

3.only verify mail address.number no verify.if user wrote wrong number you will got wrong

   and some imei cant found number in system

4.veriy time in 3 days.must send udid + imei picture.

5.Activated and OFF imei no verify.

First NameLast NameDSIDEmail AddressCity/State/ZipCountry

View DS account for Mai tram LeView account for Mai tram LeMai tramLe10229342999

letraXXXX289@icloud.comHồ chí minh, null 70000VNM84-16826XXXXX

View DS account for Tram LeView account for Tram LeTramLe8173096398 chi minh, null 70000VNM84-1203XXXXXX

How bulk order?

imei order to web imei list

udid note write your username

then bulk mail imei + udid to us

When we accept order will fix udid

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